26/1/2020 Sunday Services (Wuhan 2019 n-CoV)

Full statement: http://bit.ly/cabcwr-2019nCoV-response-1

Dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Please see the following advisory regarding the 2019 n-CoV situation which now has confirmed cases in Sydney.

CABC-WR will be doing everything possible to keep everyone safe from this virus. We pray for mercy from our almighty God help us turn to Him in these last days, as well as for resilience amongst medical staff in the affected areas to be His instruments to bring peace to this world.

In order to demonstrate love for one another, for our services on 26/1/2020:

  • CABC-WR will be supplying hand sanitiser for everyone to use at the rear of every Sunday Service location (West Ryde Community Centre, West Ryde Hall, Marsden HS)
  • If you have been in China over the past month, we would strongly encourage you to wear a face mask if you are attending one of our services. In other churches, there have been families and individuals who have volunteered to self-isolate for two weeks until further information is available.
  • Where possible, please avoid greeting each other by shaking hands or embracing.
  • Disposable cups will continue to be supplied at the end of the service for the congregations which gather over tea/coffee. However, no biscuits or unpackaged food will be supplied.

With the current uncertain situation, please also postpone inviting recently returned newcomers from China to our services or Life Groups until further notice.

We will continue to update everyone with any official advisories as they become available and make suitable arrangements.