Our strategy is the ‘how’ of our church’s mission.

It outlines how we will accomplish our mission and which core ministries are needed to carry it out. Because we will always have unlimited opportunities but limited resources, we need to be focused and disciplined with the ministries we choose to commit to. These ministries are:

  • Sunday Service
  • Life Groups*
  • Ministry Teams
  • Mission


This is our 1+3 strategy.

Adult Life Group

We believe that these are the ministries which will best helps us accomplish our mission. Thus, we want to see every member committed to:

  • Regular Sunday service attendance;
  • Regular participation in a life group;
  • 'Serving in a ministry team and
  • Mission involvement by praying, giving and supporting others as well as by going themselves in local and global mission trips.

*life groups - our term for what is commonly also referred to as small groups, cell groups or growth groups. However, we use this term to emphasize doing life together through learning, serving and witnessing.