Why do we need

Over the last few years, CABC-WR’s Pastoral Team and Church Council have come to realise that we are at a critical stage of our history, a crossroads demanding significant change. Though we’ve richly experienced God’s gracious blessing, we now face an increasing number of challenges within our church as well as from a rapidly changing local community around us.

In response, the Pastoral Team committed themselves to working on a Revitalisation Plan which would allow us to successfully navigate challenges and better prepare us for God’s future for our church.

We believe God is leading our church to go deeper, wider and further. Deeper with Jesus, wider in community (the local church, God's people) and further on mission. We want to be all about following Jesus, building community and bringing hope. A church defined by discipleship, community and mission. With this conviction, our mission centres on following Jesus, building community and bringing hope; our core values guide and motivate us to be a community of generous lives, one body many parts, embracing all people and love for families; our strategy is a 1+3 model of Sunday service, life groups, ministry teams and mission, and our measures are grow, gifts, give and go.


Following Jesus, building community, bringing hope

Core Values

Generous lives - One body, many parts - Embracing all people - Love for families


Grow - Gifts - Give - Go

Our vision and prayer for the future is this:

Imagine a church that lives passionately for Jesus every day.

A community that embraces all people into this spiritual home – eating together, laughing together, learning together, loving one another.

A church that through the love of God, brings in reconciliation, grace in an unforgiving world, healing to the broken, freedom to the captives, hope to the despairing and security in everlasting life.

A community that experiences the power of the gospel, that produces sure hope despite life’s circumstances and that attracts people to come to accept Christ.

A church which nurtures our kids and ministers with them, teens trained to know and live out what the Bible says, grown- ups empowered to serve, lead and preserve in faith.

A community overflowing with contagious generosity that reflects the selfless giving of Jesus our Lord. A church relentlessly outward looking, seeking every opportunity to share the good news.

A church that takes the Gospel to every tribe and nation, with the vision to see people of different backgrounds gathering together under one roof – crossing barriers of race, gender and culture because of the love of Jesus.

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