Change is about letting go, moving on

A few weeks ago I shared with you on the topic of the need to change. This time, I would like us to think about what is change all about?

The Israelites cried out to God for help when they were enslaved in Egypt. They desperately needed change. A change from worst to better. A change from slavery to freedom. A change from hopelessness to hopefulness. A change from a lost identity to a restored identity as a royal priesthood

God heard their cry and answered them with his plan. They were to embark on a journey that was to bring to the LORD. A journey which showed them God’s many wonderful works. A journey with God’s plentiful provision. A journey with the promise of the land of milk and honey. However, two major stumbling blocks stood in the way of their possible change. Firstly, when challenges appeared, their deceptive memory made them believe that the old was far better then moving on to the new (Exodus 16:2-3). Secondly, even though promises were given and miracles experienced, they placed more trust in the visible challenges they saw. In front of them was an inhospitable wilderness filled with people who looked much stronger than them. The result was that they lost their faith because of what they were seeing. Eventually, no one, except for two courageous men were able to successfully make change. Only two individuals were able to let go the past and move on in trust (Numbers 14:6-9).

Towards the end of 2015, our church leaders discerned that we had been plateauing for some years. We had to make a decision. Either we took a bold step to change and continue to grow or we continued satisfied with where we were and gradually declined. Hence we embarked on this journey of revitalisation. We believe this is the journey the LORD has for us. There are things we need to let go. Things we need to leave behind. Things God is asking to move on from. This may include ministries that worked in the past, the way we relate to one another or the way we reach out to the community. There is a need to move on together as we walk by faith and not by sight.

It’s been almost three years now since we started our revitalization process. Let us not falter but move on together and continue heading towards the place the LORD has for us. Please keep this revitalisation process in your prayer. And please don’t hesitate to engage with us and keep the conversations going.