Altered Sunday Services – 6 August 2017

Event details

  • Sunday | August 6, 2017
  • All Day

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  • English Congregation: meet at West Ryde Hall. 1 Reserve St, West Ryde. Commence 9:15 am
  • Cantonese 9:15 am Congregation: NO CHANGE.
  • Mandarin Congregation: meet at West Ryde Community Centre (WRCC), 3-5 Anthony Road, West Ryde (60 m from WRH) at 11:00 am
  • Cantonese 11 am Congregation: meet at West Ryde Hall. 1 Reserve St, West Ryde. Commence 11:00 am.
  • Communion will be postponed for ALL congregations to Sunday August 13.
  • All regular Sunday School cancelled. Limited creche and children’s activities will continue to operate to allow parents to concentrate during the service.


Congregation Meeting Location Time
English West Ryde Hall 9:15 am
Cantonese 9:15 am West Ryde Community Centre 9:15 am
Mandarin West Ryde Community Centre 11:00 am
Cantonese 11:00 am West Ryde Hall 11:00 am


Due to capacity constraints, the Mandarin Congregation will relocate to WRCC to allow the larger Cantonese 11 am congregation to still be able to meet.


In addition, we would like to encourage those who usually attend the Cantonese 11 am congregation to either attend the Cantonese 9:15 am, English and Mandarin Congregations to visit your brothers and sisters and to sing the praises of the Lord, as well as pray together for Marsden High School with our other congregations. WRH also has a maximum capacity of 150, so please take the chance to visit your other congregations in our church to ensure we are operating within fire safety limits.


ALL Sunday School classes will be cancelled for all congregations. This includes the Cantonese 9:15 am Congregation, which does not have to relocate.

The Mandarin and Cantonese 11 am Congregations will combine their efforts to assist with caring for our children whilst we concentrate on God’s Word at the 11 am services:

  • Nursery + Pre-school Children: West Ryde Hall upstairs. Parents to escort children to, and sign in at at WRH.
  • K-6 children: West Ryde Community Centre rooms. Parents to escort children to, and sign in at WRCC.
  • Grow Youth, the English Congregation’s youth group, is also cancelled on Sunday for this week only.
Age range Meeting & sign in location  Time
Nursery + Pre-school West Ryde Hall, Level 2 11:00 am
K-6 West Ryde Community Centre 11:00 am


Cantonese 11 am congregation lunch orders have also been cancelled. Those who have submitted online or offline pre-orders will NOT receive their lunch boxes (nor have to pay for them) for this week. Those who have submitted offline pre-orders last Sunday and paid will be refunded their money on Sunday 13 August.


Please continue to pray for the administration at Marsden High School, the Department of Education and their parents and students to have the wisdom in restoring the school for the students.

The Pastoral Team, the Office Administration team and your leaders have also worked hard to best manage this situation – please encourage them the next opportunity that you see them! 😊